Do not pay any amount to any person promising supply of blood packets or arranging donors. Inform www.odishablooddonors.org at contact@odishablooddonors.org. so that we can initiate police/legal action. We have received complaints of middlemen seeking money - Odisha Blood Donors has no agents, does not arrange blood/donors and does not collect money for any service.
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Have you at anytime witnessed a relative of yours or a close friend searching frantically for a blood donor, when blood banks say out of stock, the donors in mind are out of reach and the time keeps ticking? Have you witnessed loss of life for the only reason that a donor was not available at the most needed hour? Is it something that we as a society can do nothing to prevent? This thought laid our foundation. "Odisha Blood Donors" is an organization that brings voluntary blood donors and those in need of blood on to a common platform. Through this website, we seek donors who are willing to donate blood, as well as provide the timeliest support to those in frantic need of it.