About Odisha Blood Donors
Vision :

Odisha Blood Donors.org is:

To pave way for a safer and better tommorrow.
  1. Safer, by bringing blood donors and those in need to a common platform.

  2. Better, by providing every person what he/she deserves the most, best education.

Our aim in next 5 years,

  1. To be the real hope of every Indian in search of a voluntary blood donor.

  2. To set up a well organised infrastructure through out the country to cater to the education of the
    under resourced by way of maintaining a repository of contributed books and providing as many
    resources as possible for rural child education.

Mission :
To make the best use of contemporary technologies in delivering a promising web portal to bring together all the blood donors in India; thereby fulfilling every blood request in the country.

To provide a common platform for those who have a zeal to support education of the under resourced yet meritorious students.

Values :
  1. Dignity

  2. Excellence

  3. Diversity

  4. Individual and team work

  5. Compassion

  6. Advance

  7. Trust

  8. Integrity

  9. Oblige

  10. Network